Welcome to www.strokeprevention.info.

This website is developed and owned by Stroke Alliance for Europe – SAFE. SAFE is a non-profit-making organisation that represents a range of patient groups from across Europe whose mutual goal is to drive stroke prevention up the European political and public agenda and reduce the number of strokes. We engage in activities such as education, campaigning and encouraging research, all of which contribute to the advancement of stroke prevention and the improvement of the quality of life of stroke survivors, their families and carers. Prior to developing this website, our research showed that it was difficult to find consistent and coherent information about stroke prevention in one place online. The problem is that the information is spread across a vast range of different locations: websites, blogs, news portals and e- documents. In addition, many of them are not in a format appropriate for people with disabilities, for example sight impairment.

We know from the INTERSTROKE study that 90% of strokes are avoidable if we make changes to our lifestyle and behaviour. Our goal is to increase awareness and behaviour change by creating an online resource that will collate all relevant information on the most common risk factors such as: hypertension, physical activity, diet, obesity, smoking, cholesterol, heart disease, alcohol, stress and diabetes. This website is a platform which contains all the relevant information on stroke risk factors in an easy and simple format for a range of audiences. Everything presented here is in a form appropriate for people with busy lifestyles, unable to digest too much detail at one time, as well as people with disabilities who will have a range of needs.

The website’s development is supported by Amgen, BMS-Pfizer and Boehringer Ingelheim